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1920–1939. Paris / Berlin / Harbin / Constantinople / Riga

About Us is an archive of hundreds illustrated publications Russian emigration did between World Wars I and II. Every week we add some more very rare magazines and newspapers never republished and almost unknown; sometimes they appear the auctions of Russian antiques  alongside with Faberge eggs and pictures by Russian masters.

Periodicals of Russian emigration are one of the most precious phenomena of Russian culture, but extravagant price of some pieces (e.g. one issue of Zhar-Ptitza (The Firebird) magazine may cost 3, 5 or 10 thousand euros) makes them out of reach for ordinary readers. 

Russia Illustrated, the main magazine of Russian emigration, published since 1924 till
1939 in Paris, forms the majority of materials this site offers. 748 issues printed in 15 years
are comprehensive annals showing all facets of Russian emigration existence in Europe and
all over the world. The pages of the magazine offered detailed picture of socio-politics, culture and daily life of Russians living abroad, presented the most eminent authors, poets and artists, published history essays and autographs found abroad and not known in Russia.

We hope this project shall contribute to profound evaluation of Russian emigration heritage,
an integral part of Russian art and culture of XX century.

Materials of our archives lay a foundation for fresh and unbiased studies of the period between the wars. We hope they shall be able to show the way to novices or to refresh memories
of those already familiar with the subject.

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