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1920–1939. Paris / Berlin / Harbin / Constantinople / Riga

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#11, October 19th, 1925
#12, November 2nd, 1924
#10, October 5th, 1924
#9, September 28th, 1924
#8, September 21st, 1924
#7, September 14th, 1924
#6, September 7th, 1924
#5, August 31st, 1924
#4, August 24th, 1924
#3, August 17th, 1924
#2, August 10th, 1924
#1, August 3rd, 1924


Published in Constantinople in 1924 (12 issues only)

Editor’s note in the first issue read as follows:
We launch our magazine at the very critical moment when the great republic behind the ocean has passed a new law and practically made it impossible for Russian emigrants to enter The United States of the Northern America.
Our main aim is to give aid to disappointed masses of emigrants and do our best to show more ways and probabilities of moving…
Being a democratic organ not related to whatsoever political parties and organizations we shall neither be bounded by any limits nor guided by any instructions, but shall try to be as unbiased as possible in solving the most urgent and burning issues of the emigration life.

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